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Performance Comparison of a Helical Coil Heat...

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Performance Comparison of a Helical Coil Heat...

Performance Comparison of a Helical Coil Heat Exchanger with a Straight Tube Heat Exchanger using Ansys-Fluent

Author Name : Vishnu Prasad K, Ishnu Shaji, Nameer Ahmed and Vishnu Sivan

ABSTRACT: Heat exchangers are used in many industrial applications for heating and cooling purpose. This work focuses on the performance analysis of a tube in straight tube heat exchanger and helical heat exchanger for different flow configuration under variable operating conditions. The idea of an efficient heat exchanger is based on maximum heat transfer with minimum area required. The experimental investigation will be performed on helical heat exchangers with one and more number of turns and on straight tube heat exchanger set up with Computational Fluid Dynamics using FLUENT along with k-ε turbulence modelling scheme was implemented for the simulation study. The flow solution will be achieved by implementing k-ε turbulence modelling scheme.