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Performance Evaluation of Socially Responsibl...

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Performance Evaluation of Socially Responsibl...

Performance Evaluation of Socially Responsible Stocks and its linkages with BSE Greenex Index and BSE Sensex Index

Author Name : Dinesh K, Dr Janet Jyothi Dsouza, Ghousiya Banu S

ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to empirically examine the performance of stocks listed under the BSE -Greenex Index which are also known as socially responsible in the Indian stock market. The study has used absolute rate of return as well as Market adjusted Model of capital asset pricing model .The findings provide support to environmental, social and governance stocks in India and are relevant for companies, regulators, policy makers and investors at large. Mutual funds and other investment funds should launch schemes which invest in socially responsible stocks so as to provide the benefits of socially responsible investment stocks even to small, medium and large investors from local to global.