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Performance Parameters and Assessment Techniq...

Performance Parameters and Assessment Techniques in Liquid Propulsion Systems: Short Review

Author Name : Purini Revanth Naveen, Vijay Chakradhar Desetti, Dokara Chendu, Ankit Kumar Mishra

ABSTRACT In recent decades, spanning from the late 20th century to the present, space exploration has emerged as a critical domain for scientific research and discovery. Liquid propulsion systems, recognized for their pivotal role in spacecraft propulsion, have become the method of choice, ensuring enhanced performance and mission success in the vast expanse of space. This review paper delves into various research works by numerous scholars, focusing on the performance parameters of liquid propulsion. The investigation centers around key parameters such as specific impulse (Isp), thrust (F), propellant mass flow rate, and chamber pressure. These parameters, crucial for understanding efficiency and control mechanisms, are meticulously examined. The abstract provides a sneak peek into the paper's exploration of different propellants and the techniques employed to evaluate the performance of liquid propulsion systems.