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POI Recommendation Based on Complicated Sequ...

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POI Recommendation Based on Complicated Sequ...

POI Recommendation Based on Complicated Sequential Transactions

Author Name : Dr. P. Dhandapani , B. Yaswanth Reddy , B. Zeenath , N. Venkata Ramana, K. Kishan Kumar

ABSTRACT Because of significant improvements in methods of transportation, there has been a rise in the number of services related to points of interest (POIs). These services are designed to assist users in finding their way or anticipating interesting POIs. Clearly, it is difficult to determine the points of interest (POIs) in advance due to the complex patterns of sequential transitions, as well as the diverse and sparse nature of the trajectory data that is gathered. Previous research on recommending POIs in succession primarily concentrated on creating models that capture the relationship between POIs using check-in information from users. However, based on a user's check-in sequence, in most cases, the connection between two consecutive points of interest (POIs) is typically a combination of subtle changes in time and distance