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Potentials of Tribal Art and Folk Art on Chil...

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Potentials of Tribal Art and Folk Art on Chil...

Potentials of Tribal Art and Folk Art on Childhood Education

Author Name : Bindulika Sharma

Various tribes have developed many distinct forms of Art, associated mainly to depict their daily activities, social life or the representation of the holy and spiritual beliefs. Moreover it is interesting to view, tribal Art and folk Art that are being practiced on different manifestations through varied media such as pottery, painting, metalwork, paper-Art, weaving, designing toys, jewelry, masks, as well as tribal dances, tribal music, and so on. Thus, we should strive to put forward ensuring a high level of appreciation and visual interaction of various tribal- art forms among children. As, apart from being a means of exposure with our remote traditions of art, culture and rituals, “folk forms” also have immense quality of suggestiveness and pictorial reference.