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Quality Assurance, A Pre-requisite for Intern...

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Quality Assurance, A Pre-requisite for Intern...

Quality Assurance, A Pre-requisite for Internationalization of Indian Higher Education

Author Name : Ms. Preeti Rattan, Dr. Indu Bala Kapil


Higher education has acquired an international character. It promotes value and culture, generates good will, enriches the teaching-learning process and the quality of education, encourages, competitiveness and helps generate financial resources. Everything that the school provide should reflect high quality, competence, taste and an obvious commitment to service. In India, the two principle agencies setup for higher education purpose are the National Assessment and Accreditation council (NAAC) under the University Grants commission (UGC), and the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) under the All India Count for Technical Education. (AICTE). Both these agencies have an important role to play in assuring the standard of Indian higher education, not only from the national perspective, but also from the point of promoting the internationalization of Indian higher education. If mobility of student continues to increase and if institution are confronted and if institution are confronted with more and more demands for credit transfer and recognition of foreign programmes and degrees, their quality assurance mechanisms  will have to be extended so that they cover the programmes and degrees in foreign partner institution.

The study's goal is to analyse and accredit colleges or institutions, which is commonly considered as the most important quality-assurance tool. To promote the views of students on the education as a whole. To promote equal chances of access to higher education for all people. To promote corporation with other organized groups in matters pertaining to education & student life. It would require improvement of infrastructure, changes in curricula, introduction of new academic programmers and administrative changes. Good infrastructure in the form of good lecture halls, well equipped laboratories, adequate library resources and other facilities should be built up on the campuses of universities or institutions for national or international students. Separate complex with class room’s library and computer section preferable for international student who come to India for study India Programmes.

To attract international students the admission procedure has to be simplified. There should be a single window system. Every institution should set aside certain percentage of seats for international students. It should charge reasonable fees that are within the means of middle class students from middle-income groups in developing countries. The need of making our courses more modular and flexible in order to facilitate our institutions becoming more international.    

Keywords:  Student, Assessment, Universities. Accreditation, Higher Education Infrastructure