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Real-Time Wildfire Monitoring and Alert Syste...

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Real-Time Wildfire Monitoring and Alert Syste...

Real-Time Wildfire Monitoring and Alert System

Author Name : Dr. B. Mathivanan, S. Keerthana, B. R. Naveen Kumar, K. Nishal

ABSTRACT Forest fire leads to imbalances in nature causing difficulties to the living organism. This gives rise to the urgent need to predict forest fires as accurate as possible. This system uses a powerful machine learning algorithm as a potential solution to the challenge of early prediction of forest fires. The device presented makes use of various sensors attached, solar recharging mechanism and wireless data transmission. These collected data are analysed through the K-Nearest Neighbour (KNN) and Random forest (RF) algorithm and when forest fire is predicted, intimation is given to forest range office where they can prevent the disaster. The system is efficient and green fulfilling the need for its creation.