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Recent Approaches with Theoretical Chemistry ...

Recent Approaches with Theoretical Chemistry Studies of the Wittig Reaction: 2015–2019 A Review

Author Name : AIi.Raheem, Ali.Saleh, Zaidoon.kadhim



Recently, a lot of methodologies have been utilized to synthesize a huge number of organic compounds especially alkenes type for the various purposes: pharmaceutical, medical and industrial using phosphorus compounds through different phosphorus ylides compound. Different last research methods and techniques of the famous Wittig reaction have been introduced in this review with its critical writing and cheminformatics calculations of the reaction by our efforts.


The aim of this work is to draw and discuss the main concept, physical and chemical properties, methods and strategies and predict theoretical chemistry calculations of this reaction by some of new chemistry software’s.


Convenient methods and microwave irradiation methods had been widely used and applied in alkene synthesis through preparation of  phosphurs ylide compounds.

Result and discussion

The phosphurs ylide compounds:phpspolane, phosphanes and phosphine was applied to produce new alkene compounds which can be benifical in pharmacology and industry,the last was hugely utilized in polymer synthesize throghu this ylides.


New calculations were accomplished by using cheminformatics (Chem Draw 3D professional, Perkin Elmer informatics, Inc. version and differences in bonds characteristics had been stated.

Key words: Wittig reaction, Chemin for mastics, carbonyl compounds, ylide, phosphane