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Recent Developments for Future of Civil Engin...

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Recent Developments for Future of Civil Engin...

Recent Developments for Future of Civil Engineering Materials

Author Name : Paramjeet Singh, Naveen Hooda, Vaibhav Gupta

The aim of this research paper is to address the futuristic construction materials. Relevant data of the developments made during the recent past are also presented. It is believed that nanotechnology is going to play an important role in the development of futuristic building materials. The innovations could be two-fold; one is the modification of classical materials and the other should cover the invention of novel materials. The primary goal of all such materials should be environment friendliness. Secondarily, they should be durable and cost effective. Thirdly, they should address the space shortage. Innovations are needed as man is also planning to colonize moon and other planets. Fourthly, they should have adequate strength to cater the natural and manmade calamities. In short, they should serve the coming generations in the best possible way, which is the sole purpose of an engineering discipline.