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Review of HRM Practices in Banks from Develop...

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Review of HRM Practices in Banks from Develop...

Review of HRM Practices in Banks from Developing Countries

Author Name : Dr. Sonali Saha, Shilpa Wanjari, Asif Khan


The purpose of this review was to study the impact of HRM practices in banks. Banking being a service sector, a committed and productive team plays an important role in the growth of the organization. The HR (Human Resource) department's job is to acquire and train capable manpower and place them in the right job at the right time. On the other hand job, satisfaction on the employee's end is one of the most important variables for the implementation of strategic HRM policies to stay relevant. This review has established that the HRM practices in the banks globally have a few things in common regarding job satisfaction among the employees and they are: training, performance appraisal, compensation, reward, employee motivation, and engagement, etc. are the most important variables to boost the organization's performance.  

Keywords: HRM practices, Bank, Developing countries