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Review on Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery for t...

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Review on Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery for t...

Review on Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Lung Cancer

Author Name : Gharge Utkarsha Ashok, Pawar. R.K

ABSTRACT Lung cancer is a cancer that develops in the lungs and spreads throughout the body.Nanotechnology-based inhalation chemotherapy is feasible and more effectiveConventional chemotherapy, with fewer side effects. Recently, there have been many nanocarriersTested with liposomes, polymeric mycelium, polymeric NP, solid lipidsNPs and inorganic NPs for inhalation treatment of lung cancer. There is nanosuppression colloidal dispersions of stable nanosized drug particles by surfactant.There is nanosuppressionPoor solubility in aqueous also as area unit lipids which cannot increase the solubility of the drug.The media therefore accelerates the active compound and most plasma flooding .The level is reached fast.