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Review paper on Millimeter Wave Applications ...

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Review paper on Millimeter Wave Applications ...

Review paper on Millimeter Wave Applications of Integrated Receiver System

Author Name : Lokesh Sharma, Mr. Sumit Dalal,

The objective of this paper was to define a methodology for millimeter wave application of integrated receiver system. A beauty thought of new design of CMOS LNA, filter and micro strip antenna are largely improves the system integration, reduced chip area and save the cost and to overcome the challenges faced by CMOS technology in the design of a fully integrated, low noise figure, provided best gain and good linearity. This Work will make possible through the benign guidance in using the advanced design system (ADS) tool facility using 90nm TSMC CMOS technology for simulations. The performance parameters of the amplifiers which have been estimated are trade off with others that should overcomes a multidimensional optimization problem of the designers. In this paper, a three different architecture are proposed and analyzed through Agilent ADS tool.  We have designed 90nm CMOS LNA at 40GHz to integrate with band pass filter and rectangular patch antenna at same frequency.