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Review Paper on Zone Adaptive Virtual Coordin...

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Review Paper on Zone Adaptive Virtual Coordin...

Review Paper on Zone Adaptive Virtual Coordinate Selection Approach for WSN Optimization

Author Name : Dimpy, Mrs. Pooja Ahlawat

ABSTRACT There are different mediums of performing the communication over the network. Wireless networks give the concept of distributed architecture so that the sharing of information as well as resources can be done effectively. While performing the communication in such network there is the requirement of more effective information sharing techniques. The main application area for sensor network is in the military field or the battle field to provide the survivability. To survive in such critical conditions with war fighters, there is the requirement of some communication medium that is not fixed and does not required any extra infrastructure. This kind of conditions also needs to transmit different kind of data such as text, images, videos etc. A sensor network provides all these facilities and allows to perform the voice communication as well as to communicate effectively under such complicated situations. These kinds of network also provide the area tracking and action tracking so that the monitoring of the war equipment’s and the soldiers can be done effectively. This review paper contains the information about the sensor networks and the characteristics of the sensor network, different kind of ad-hoc networks, different sensor network architectures in different real time scenarios. It also includes the discussion about different network properties.