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“Role of Ayurvedic Herb Used in Cancer Trea...

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“Role of Ayurvedic Herb Used in Cancer Trea...

“Role of Ayurvedic Herb Used in Cancer Treatment”

Author Name : Prof. Damyanti Surwase, Miss. Pragati Gaikwad, Miss Suhana Kazi, Prof. Vijaysinh Sable



ABSTRACT Cancer, a formidable global health challenge, has spurred a growing interest in complementary and alternative medicine. This review explores the historical roots, key concepts, and contemporary applications of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, in the context of cancer. Delving into Ayurveda's dosha theory, the role of agni, and the balance of bodily tissues (dhatus), we elucidate its foundational principles. Historical perspectives trace Ayurveda's evolution from a holistic healthcare system to its integration with modern approaches to address cancer. Examining Ayurvedic herbs and formulations, therapeutic interventions, and their alignment with conventional treatments provides insight into potential synergies. Critical analysis of clinical studies, patient perspectives, and challenges in research underscores the evolving landscape of Ayurveda in cancer care. As Ayurveda emerges as a complementary approach to mainstream oncology, this review synthesizes key findings, suggesting avenues for future research and collaborative models for comprehensive cancer care