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Role of Right to Information: A Path Towards ...

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Role of Right to Information: A Path Towards ...

Role of Right to Information: A Path Towards the Establishment of Good Governance

Author Name : Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev, Arkadyuti Seth


Right to Information is an important fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution of India for the citizens. It is also one of the significant human right according to the several international documents .Over 50 countries have adopted right to information act and currently 15-20 countries are working on it. India enforced Right To information Act in 2005  Right to information will help  in bringing transparency and accountability , eradicate corruption , improve efficiency of the government and enhance participatory democracy  . Right to information helps in the formation of a good governance still bringing into actual practice is a difficult task , We need the involvement  of Civil society and NGOs for keeping the RTI awake , Appointing Assistant Public Information Officers at the block and district level, promoting grass root participation  , establishing  of fast track courts to resolve dispute related to RTI.

Keywords: Right to Information, accountability, transparency, public administration, good governance,  Participatory democracy , Public Information Officer , grass root participation