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Screening, Optimization and Production of Uri...

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Screening, Optimization and Production of Uri...

Screening, Optimization and Production of Uricase from Alcaligenes Faecalis Isolated from Poultry Farm Litter

Author Name : Sambandam Thillainayagi, Sekar Harikrishnan, Singaram Jayalakshmi*


In the present study, soil samples deeply littered with the poultry wastes were collected in and around Parangipettai area of Cuddalore district. Based on the screening of the bacterial isolates for uricase production, the isolate PU11 displayed the highest zone of clearance was selected as the potential strain. It was identified as Alcaligenes faecalis based on standard biochemical methods. Influence of various carbon, nitrogen sources and different cheaper substrates on the growth and uricase production of A. faecalis were optimized. The results showed that sucrose as a carbon source supported maximum growth whereas the uric acid as the sole nitrogen source favored the highest growth and also for uricase activity. Among the cheaper substrates tested; poultry waste favored maximum growth and enzyme activity. The crude enzyme showed greater stability to wide ranges of pH and temperatures where it retained more than 70% and 60% of residual activities respectively. The study has found that the poultry waste isolate A. faecaliswas a potential uricase producer.

Keywords: Alcaligenes faecalis, uricase production, poultry waste, enzyme stability