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Sensory Profile and Acceptability of Enriched...

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Sensory Profile and Acceptability of Enriched...

Sensory Profile and Acceptability of Enriched Mozzarella Cheese

Author Name : Rashmi Pandey, Professor Sunita Mishra, Srishti Tripathi, Amardeep Singh Chauhan


Dairy products like curd, yogurt, milk, flavored, ghee, butter, ice cream are consumed popularly due to their nutritious properties and full-flavored. The study was carried out to evaluate the organoleptic properties and nutritional properties of traditionally made mozzarella cheese with two new variables. Dairy Products are highly demanding and nutritious while functional foods play a major role to improve consumer's health. Mozzarella cheese added with mustard sauce and walnut powder was prepared to know its properties, influenced by two variables. Each variable was different. The enrichment improved the nutritional value (e.g. - unsaturated fatty acids) and organoleptic properties like taste, flavor, aroma, and appearance. Both samples had good sensory scores. This research study to set up the sensory profile and product acceptability by the panelist.

Keywords: Sensory evaluation, Organoleptic properties, Mozzarella cheese, Nutritional value, Enrichment.