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Short Stories for Development of Effective En...

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Short Stories for Development of Effective En...

Short Stories for Development of Effective English Communication Skills in Engineering Graduates for Professional Growth

Author Name : Dr Archana Shrivastava

ABSTRACT English Language Skills are requisite for engineering graduates to proliferate in their Personal and Professional life. It’s been widely held that English in India is a Foreign Language, but the main idea is to communicate fluently in English for the progress of the pupil. However, most teachers focus on the linguistic element, but the current flow of English as Foreign Language demands the inclusion of literature because of its rich potential of learning and understanding the Language. Most of the Language teachers are confined to specific syllabus prescribed by the University which leaves no further scope for Learning English Language skills. In such conditions among literary genres, short stories can come to the aid of teachers and students to enrich the four skills, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading.