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Smart Collar using ESP32 and IoT Dashboard

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Smart Collar using ESP32 and IoT Dashboard

Smart Collar using ESP32 and IoT Dashboard

Author Name : Prof. Tejal Deshpande, Atharva Deherkar, Spencer Lobo, Kritika Singh, Sumeet Sharma





Having a pet brings many joys to your life it can also be one of your biggest fears that is losing yourpet.While, the traditional way used to be to search around the neighbourhood and see the commonplaces visited by the pet, this task has been made easier by using a GPS tracker which saves time and eliminatesguess work. During the pandemic, many people adopted pets to accompany them emotionally and mentally. Now, when all restrictions have been lifted, the number of pets that tend to get lost or kidnapped has also increased. The proposed method for this project uses GPS to find the location and the IoT Dashboard to receive the location on a mobile device.These devices do not hamper the natural movement of the pet but also ensure the pets safety by keeping track of their travel history and movements.