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Socio-Economic Status: An Analysis of the Peo...

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Socio-Economic Status: An Analysis of the Peo...

Socio-Economic Status: An Analysis of the People in Indo-Bangladesh Border Districts, West Bengal

Author Name : Zarjij Alam, Papia Khatun, Dr. Nirmalya Das


Regional inequality is a common phenomenon in India. It influences the development process of any area. This regional disparity also takes place in the districts of West Bengal. The study is an attempt to discuss the socio-economic status of the Indo-Bangladesh border districts of West Bengal. It also focuses on social and economic development variation and the reason behind the disparities. The present study uses secondary data to fulfil the objectives. To analyse the data of ten Indo-Bangladesh border districts of West Bengal, twelve socio-economic indicators have been considered. The composite score method has been applied to analyse the data. The study reveals a remarkable variance among the Indo-Bangladesh border districts of West Bengal.The overall analysis of the study shows that the demographic, infrastructural, and economic development status in the study area has a broad range of discrepancies among the variables. There is aninverse relationship between regional variation and socioeconomic development. People in border regions struggle with several socioeconomic problems, including those relating to health, education, and basic infrastructure amenities as well as their source of income.The government must take severalsteps to address these issues, which could help to reduce regional differences in socioeconomic growth.

Keywords: Indo-Bangladesh Border, Socio-Economic Status, Regional Disparities, Composite Score.