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Sources of Stress among Bank Employees: An I...

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Sources of Stress among Bank Employees: An I...

Sources of Stress among Bank Employees: An Investigation of Bank Employees in Haryana

Author Name : Priyanka Arya , Dr. Neelam Jain

ABSTRACT Managing stress among employees has end up being one of the utmost distinguished elements in growing banking industry. However, stress cannot be totally treated yet it can be reduced. In order to reduce occupational stress, first and foremost we should distinguish the sources of such pressure. Thus, this study will in general uncover and investigate many sources of occupational stress faced by representatives of public and private banking sector in the territory of Haryana. To do the same, information has been gathered from both the primary and secondary sources by distributing 300 questionnaires across different public and private sector bank of Haryana. Out of which 254 surveys has been returned, questionnaires were circulated across every one of the seven zones of Haryana for a delineated cum purposive inspecting. Banks in which surveys were appropriated has been chosen based on market rate of return i.e., SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda, ICICI, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra Bank. Information which has been gathered through these questionnaires was broken down with the help of factor analysis (Principal Component analysis). Four factors have been extracted as a result of principal component analysis such as Role overload, Perceived work load, Resistance to change and lack of authority with a total variance of 65.559%.