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Start-up India Initiative

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Start-up India Initiative

Start-up India Initiative

Author Name : Nancy Sharma

ABSTRACT: Due to globalization and advancement in technology competition is increasing day by day that’s why self- employment consciousness among college students is increasing at fast pace. Furthermore India is second most populous country and due to large population pressure it is need of hour to develop entrepreneurial skill among people in India so government launch startup India Plan to support young inspiring entrepreneur .India is the second largest populous country in the world with 1.2 billion population strength. To cover up this large population there exist large potentiality of job market in India. But According to the latest Asia Pacific Human Development Report, India is facing severe scarcity of job market; growth in unemployment among young graduates and it will last for next 35 years. According to Labor Ministry data, around 1 million people enter the workforce in India every month. To eradicate this scarcity of job market, ours Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Narendra Modi , announced on 15th August 2015, “Start Up India, Stand Up India” to promote Bank Financing for start ups and offer incentives to boast entrepreneurship and job creation.In this paper various govt policies, plans, schemes and strategies related to start-ups will be discussed. Start-up is one of the scorching event this era which everyone is talking about. This campaign is particularly based on enhancing the bank financing for the start-ups to encourage the entrepreneurship and job availability.