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Study the Awareness and Attitude towards Peac...

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Study the Awareness and Attitude towards Peac...

Study the Awareness and Attitude towards Peace Education among the B.Ed. Students

Author Name : Dr. Anita Madhusudan Shelke

ABSTRACT Peace is journey-a never ending process. If no peace today, no life tomorrow. To avoid discrimination, oppression, conflicts, exploitation at all levels in different forms, herein comes the need for peace education into existence. Violence and injustice are seen everywhere. The winds of corruption are blowing everywhere. From this it can be said that today's education is not seen to be able to maintain social stability and balance, end social strife and create a competent and sensible citizen. I think this is the biggest shortcoming of today's education system. India has a positive atmosphere in this regard. The concept of peace is associated with political freedom and social and economic development. The cornerstones of peace education are, unsurprisingly, those of education and peace