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Synthesis And Conductometric Study Of N-(P-Su...

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Synthesis And Conductometric Study Of N-(P-Su...

Synthesis And Conductometric Study Of N-(P-Substituted Phenylidene)Pyridine–2-Amine And N-(P-Substituted Phenylidene) -5-Methyl Pyridine-2-Amine

Author Name : Pravin B. Raghuwanshi, Mrunal M. Mahajan, Vedanti S. Fate


A series of new six Schiff Bases were derived from 4-substituted benzaldehyde with2-amino pyridine and 2-amino-5-methyl pyridine by conventional method. The structures of the synthesized ligands were confirmed by UV and IR spectroscopy. The conductance measurements of 0.01 M solution of allsynthesized ligands have been carried out in the different percentages of 1,4-dioxane-water. The observed conductance of ligand solutions varies with the concentration of electrolyte. The substituent groups attached also affects the conductance of ligand solutioni.e., the presence of electron withdrawing group in the ligand lowers the conductance of the solution. However, the electron donating group shows reverse effect.

Keywords: Schiff base, amino pyridine, conductance,substituted benzaldehyde, electrolyte.