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Synthesis, XRD and IR study of Ni-Mg-Zn-Co fe...

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Synthesis, XRD and IR study of Ni-Mg-Zn-Co fe...

Synthesis, XRD and IR study of Ni-Mg-Zn-Co ferrites

Author Name : S. B. Patil

ABSTRACT: Synthesis of Ni-Mg-Zn-Co ferrites with general formula Ni0.5-xMgx-0.01Zn0.5Co0.01Fe2O4 where x = 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 were prepared by the ceramic method. The X-ray diffraction of the compositions confirm the formation of single-phase cubic spinal. The variation of lattice parameter ‘a’ with content of Mg shows that the lattice parameter increases linearly. The rise in lattice parameter can be explained on the basis of ionic size difference of the component ions. It can be seen that both RAand RBincreases linearly with composition x. This is attributed to the fact that the lattice parameter increases linearly with the composition x. The IR spectra were recorded in the range 200cm-1800 cm-1were recorded at room temperature. With the help of molecular weights of A and B sites and absorption wave number v1and v2 the force constant k0and kt were calculated The variations of kt and ko with RA and RB shows that force constants increases with increase of bond length for all the samples. The bond stretching for tetrahedral site would lead to higher force constants than that for octahedral site. This attributes the results to the fact that oxygen, under favourable conditions can form stronger bonds with metal ions even at larger inter nuclear separations.