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Teacher Effectiveness as Perceived by Seconda...

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Teacher Effectiveness as Perceived by Seconda...

Teacher Effectiveness as Perceived by Secondary School Teachers in Relation to their Job Satisfaction

Author Name : Dr. Poonam Thapliyal, Dr. Ajay Joshi

ABSTRACT: The present research paper tried to study the teacher effectiveness of senior secondary school teachers in relation to their job satisfaction. Teacher effectiveness was measured by the teacher effectiveness scale developed and standardized by Kumar and Mutha. The scale consists of 69 items and is divided into six areas–I. Academic, II. Professional, III. Social, IV. Emotional, V. Moral, & VI. Personality. The job satisfaction of teachers was measured by the Job Satisfaction Scale developed and standardized by Meera Dixit (1993). The scale consists of 52 items and is divided into eight areas–I. Intrinsic aspect of job, II. Salary, Promotional avenues & service condition, III. Physical facilities, IV. Institutional Plans & Policies, V. Satisfaction with authorities, VI. Satisfaction with social status and family welfare, VII. Rapport with students, VIII. Relationship with co-workers. The findings of the study reflected that there exists a significant positive relationship between teacher effectiveness and the job satisfaction of teachers at the secondary level. It shows that an increase in job satisfaction leads to an increase in teacher effectiveness.