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Techniques for Detection & Avoidance of Wormh...

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Techniques for Detection & Avoidance of Wormh...

Techniques for Detection & Avoidance of Wormhole Attack in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Author Name : Himanshu Prajapati, Prof. Rashmi Agrawal

ABSTRACT A Wireless Networks due to their open nature has different set of attacks than Wired Networks and thereby, requires different steps to counter these attacks as compared to that in conventional networks. One such attack in wireless ad hoc networks is Wormhole Attack. In this Attack, wireless transmissions are recorded at one location and replayed them at another location thereby creating virtual tunnel in a network which is controlled by attacker. This attack can be mounted on wide range wireless ad hoc networks without compromising any cryptographic quantity over network. Thus it is one of the most sophisticated and severe attack and is particularly challenging to defend against. This Paper focuses on threat that wormhole attack possesses on network and also mentions few of the initiatives with their respective specifications to solve the problem.