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Telecommunication system & PKI Services

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Telecommunication system & PKI Services

Telecommunication system & PKI Services

Author Name : Garima, Jitender Kumar

ABSTRACT Digital signatures are a method of authenticating digital information often treated sometimes as analogous to a physical signature on paper. Digital Signatures using PKI (Public Key infrastructures) are as unique as human Signatures. We intend to design and develop a paperless online transaction between BSNL. As stated in the IT Act 2000 which provides logical sanctity to Digital signature based transaction. The system will help user to fill the form Online through the internet without physically going to BSNL. We intend to develop this system in Asp.Net. This certificate is used to generate digital signature. The end of user will be authenticated to apply for various facilities. End user facility like S.T.D. will then be update in the database. B.S.N.L. has 35 million telephones connections. Describe the web technology, html, java script, ASP.Net and also gives the software interface. A set of technology used in the Microsoft .Net framework for building web applications and XMI web services. An entity is responsible for establishing the authenticity of public key belonging to subject.