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The Importance of Education and Development i...

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The Importance of Education and Development i...

The Importance of Education and Development in Improving the Educational Condition of Tribal People

Author Name : Dr. Venkata Prasad Rao Sriram, Dr. Y. Rajeswari


This article's main goal is to emphasise how crucial growth and education are to improving tribal peoples' educational standing. It is crucial for the development of the tribal community to make the necessary efforts to raise the calibre of its educational system. The issue of raising and ensuring the level of education in the tribal community requires a comprehensive solution. We must first address the problems preventing tribal children from enrolling and attending school in order to accomplish this. Dropout rates are still rising, particularly among girls. The tribal people are becoming more educated. Children from tribes are working and obtaining excellent educations.

‚ÄčKeywords: Tribal, education, development, society, school, economic