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Tracing the Journey of Neoclassical Realism

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Tracing the Journey of Neoclassical Realism

Tracing the Journey of Neoclassical Realism

Author Name : Nikhil Sehra

ABSTRACT Realism is the dominant theoretical framework of the international political model. The states’ interactions have been deeply analysed by the realist scholars. This analyses range from state-society relations to the behaviour shaping ability of the international political structure. Both these analysis are vital for the two types of realism. The classical that focuses on state and society relations whereas neoclassical realism focuses on the state in the international political structure. The neoclassical realism base itself on the external to define state behaviour. Hence, the paper tends to analyse the work done in the field of neoclassical realism with the aim of analysing the advances made in this realist tradition and to explore how useful it has proved in enhancing the explanatory power of neorealism.