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Traffic Count Studies along Nh-65 from Kaitha...

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Traffic Count Studies along Nh-65 from Kaitha...

Traffic Count Studies along Nh-65 from Kaithal to Pehowa

Author Name : Rinku, V. K. Ahuja

ABSTRACT In the present scenario, the traffic along in India is increasing a, a very rapid rate and hence the number ofaccidents along the road stretches is increasing day by day. The increase in the number of accidents is o big problem alongthe major roads. There is a need of proper planning of the road network in the developing cities. traffic count surveys arevery important tool in planning the new road stretches and also these surveys help in the planning of upgradaion of theexisting road network The present stuily is about the volume count of the different vehicle along NH 65 i.e. from Kaithal to Pehowa city in Haryana The number of vehicles along the NH-65 is counted manually and the values are converted intoPCUs. It is found that the traffic along NH-65 abruptly increases between 3:0@m to 5:00 pm this kind of traffic studiesproves helpful to the construction companies and the road administrators.