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Tribal Policy for Atma Nirvor Bharat-A Policy...

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Tribal Policy for Atma Nirvor Bharat-A Policy...

Tribal Policy for Atma Nirvor Bharat-A Policy for Development and Growth of India’s Tribal Communities by Providing all Necessary Needs With The Help of Scientific Technology and Financial Strategies

Author Name : Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev


The Tribal or adivasi are the original inhabitants of a society .There comprise of small population in India , 8% of the  Indian population .They live far away from the main society , isolated , having a different culture , ethnicity and dialect. Tribes are the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the Indian Society, with no or very less economic facilities and lack of socio-economic development. Tribes are a very important part of the society which play a very important in the field of handicraft and medical plants. Tribes needs to be protected from exploitation and should be keep alive without making any comprise with their culture and religion beliefs .We require Tribal disaster management system, proper health care and exclusion banking facilities with insurance policies for economic development of the tribes, education and biodiversity, Tribal bazaar, tribal jewellery for the tribal community, digital communication for the overall development and safety of tribes.

Keywords: Tribes, Culture, ethnicity, Exploitation, tribal bazaar, disaster management, handicrafts, vulnerable