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Updated Review On: Liposome

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Updated Review On: Liposome

Updated Review On: Liposome

Author Name : Aachal. A. Gosavi*, K. K. Salunkhe

ABSTRACT Liposome are the nano drug they were approved for the clinical use. Liposome’s are highly biocompatible due to that they have gain there placed in pharma industries as well as made their way to the pharmacy world. It is the advance sonicated technique which includes long circulating liposome, stimulated-responsive liposome, nebulizer liposome, elastic liposome for topical, oral and transdermal delivery system to deliver the drug to particular targeted tissue. Liposome are applicable as antibacterial, antiviral drugs, fungicides, diagnostic tool and adjuvant for vaccines. Liposome can be of few nanometers to even 10 micron in size. They contain of certain lipids (so called as phospholipids e.g. Soya) together with other material and forms vesicles. It can easily penetrate and deliver the drug to targeted tissue and give effective response. To such that free drug would not penetrate. This paper mainly engross on exclusively molecular technique and focus on strength, weakness, and limitation in respect to industry applicability and regulatory requirement of liposomal drug formulation which is based on the FDA and EMEA documents.