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Use of Routing Protocols in Wireless Communic...

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Use of Routing Protocols in Wireless Communic...

Use of Routing Protocols in Wireless Communication for Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Author Name : Ashish, Mrs. Savita Bishnoi

ABSTRACT  Micro sensor networks are widely deployed in sensor networks typical geographical areas where human interaction is almost impossible. A WSN is a collection of several small energy limited sensors. These devices perform the job data collection and forwarding to central node called sink. Ad hoc networks are network which operates without the need of an infrastructure. Low control over head and power cost are two key issues in wireless sensor networks to improve the protocol efficiency. Aodv is predefined routing protocol in wireless sensor networks. The routing overhead of Aodv is drawback is power-constrained environment. In this paper we present an Enhance routing algorithm E-AODV which reduces the routing overhead and improve the efficiency. In standard AODV, hello packet broadcast mechanism is enhance to save time- and- gain discarding and rediscovering the routes.Ns2 simulator used for performance evaluation. The results show that the proposed algorithm is efficient with reduced control overhead and end-to-end delay.