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Utilization of Marble Dust in Concrete for Co...

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Utilization of Marble Dust in Concrete for Co...

Utilization of Marble Dust in Concrete for Construction of Bridges

Author Name : Sadam Rangrej





Marble Dust is a waste generated from the marble stone industry.It is available in the Solid and Slurry form. Solid form results from the rejects at the mine sites or at the processing units. Slurry form is a Semi liquid substance consisting of particles originating from sawing and polishing process and water used in sawing and polishing process. Roughly around 40% of final product is marble dust waste produced during the operation. As per the recorded data in 2010, India produced 27.2 million tons of Marble Dust. It is essential to use this waste for betterment of country. In past years, road network, construction of bridges and other infrastructure facilities are rapidly increasing. Therefore, the study is aimed at utilizing the Marble Dust in concrete for Bridge Construction which can bring down the construction cost of Bridges substantially. To serve the purpose, concrete cubes made using marble dust are tested. The results of the study revealed that up to 10% replacement of Cement by Marble Dust is easily achievable.

Keywords: Marble Dust, Bridge Construction, Cement Replacement.