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Various Mechanism of bacillus Subtilis as End...

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Various Mechanism of bacillus Subtilis as End...

Various Mechanism of bacillus Subtilis as Endophyte with Ameliorate Salinity Stress

Author Name : Metaliya Divya, Bhadaniya Nidhi, Patel Aakruti, Rathod Zalak*, Meenu Saraf


This study was to investigate various mechanism ofbacterial isolate D which is isolated from the leaf of Citrus limon plant. This bacterial isolate D identified as bacillus sp. through morphological studies. It was identified as Bacillus subtilis through 16s rRNA nucleotide gene expression study.It was inoculated in different NaCl concentration (5%, 10%, …, 25%) containing media and different temperature (4°C, 25±2°C, 30°C, 37°C, 45°C, 55°C) to check its salt tolerance and temperature at which it can grow maximum. It shows maximum growth in 20% NaCl containing medium. It shows maximum growth at 37°c. It also shows phosphate solubilization, IAA production, Ammonia production, EPS production under saline condition. It can be use as potential biofertilizer in abiotic stresses like salinity for sustainable agriculture because of various mechanism of it such as salt tolerance, phosphate solubilization, EPS production, IAA production, Ammonia production to mitigate abiotic stresses like salinity and other. It can be ecofriendly and cost-effective way to support plant growth and increase crop yield for sustainable agriculture. It can support growth of plant in adverse condition like salinity or other stress: it can be promising way to support growth of plant of medicinal value along with agricultural crops to reach the increasing demand of food.

Keywords: Ammonia, EPS, IAA, PSPB