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Vertical farming an alternate to traditional ...

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Vertical farming an alternate to traditional ...

Vertical farming an alternate to traditional farming

Author Name : Shubham Rathore, Manoj Fegade

ABSTRACT: Pressure on agricultural land from a rising global population is necessitating the maximization of food production per unit area of cultivation. Attention is increasingly turning to Vertical Farming (VF) approaches in an attempt to provide a greater crop yield per square meter of land. However, this term has been used to cover a broad range of approaches, from personal- or community-scale vegetable and herb growing to vast skyscrapers for commercial production of a wide range of crops. This article summarizes the main categories of VF in order to help clarify this emerging but sometimes confusing area of agriculture and discusses how scientific investigation of the potential of VF is currently lacking and will be required to help determine its feasibility as a method to assist meaningfully in global food production.