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XRD analysis of Nanoparticles synthesized fro...

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XRD analysis of Nanoparticles synthesized fro...

XRD analysis of Nanoparticles synthesized from water hyacinth

Author Name : Abhijit Nath


Plants have always been a rich source of vital chemical compounds. Many of these compounds are valuable drugs, while others could be a template for synthetic drugs. Apart from that, Plant products can act as a basis in advanced nano-medicinal chemistry, playing a pivotal role in pharmaco-therapeutics. Biological systems can provide many examples of specially tailored nanostructures with highly optimized properties and characteristics. This paper deals with synthesizing nanoparticles from water hyacinth stems using simple green and economical techniques. The as-obtained materials were characterized with XRD analysis and Optical Microscopy studies.

Keywords: Water hyacinth, Nanoparticles, XRD analysis, Optical microscopy.