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Yogic Meditation for awakening the power of h...

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Yogic Meditation for awakening the power of h...

Yogic Meditation for awakening the power of human mind in the contemporary world

Author Name : Dr. Gurupreet Singh

ABSTRACT The world is bounded with knowledge and ready to unveil its secret if human beings know how to knock and unravel it. Since time immemorial Vedic Rishis (enlightened sages) explored Yogic meditation and transcended to pure consciousness. Understanding the golden thread that runs through yoga and meditation is essential for releasing the unlimited power of human mind in today's world. Human mind is a great mystery, It is the abode of peace and war Human mind is the master key which opens the locked doors of the "soul" hidden in the body Through yogic meditation human beings have attempted to comprehend the informational database of the soul which carries the fruits of karmas from one life to another life Both concepts: Yoga and meditation are closely intertwined. Research shows that worldly conflicts and more than 80% of all illnesses generate within the mind and tridosha (vatta, pitta and kapha) disturbance thereof. This presentation will explore yogic meditation and its implications for human mind. Some of the scientific research in field of yogic meditation will be presented. Ultimately, a few benefits of yogic meditation on the mind will also be presented.