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Commercialization of Education in India

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Commercialization of Education in India

Commercialization of Education in India

Author Name : Mrs. Anamika

ABSTRACT: The history of education in India is very rich and interesting. Education is a way to gather knowledge and enrich one's thought. It is the learning of knowledge, information and skills during the course of life. There is an array of educational opportunity at the informal level as well as formal level. Education always evolves out of historical and cultural contexts. India's current educational system is a product of centuries-old dualities that characterize the genius and decadence of an ancient but wounded civilization. Education is also visualized as an evolutionary force so that each individual is enabled to evolve from purely material consciousness towards superior planes of intellectual and spiritual consciousness. Education is also perceived as a bridge between the past, present and the future and as means by which the best of the heritage is transmitted to the new generation for its further progression. India has the world's oldest and largest education system. Its antiquity and diversity are reflected in the roots of cultural norms and institutions that go back to a distant and venerable past