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Development of Obstetrics: A Short Note

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Development of Obstetrics: A Short Note

Development of Obstetrics: A Short Note

Author Name : Dr. Vivek Thakur, Dr. Anupam Thakur


Gynaecology and obstetrics are twin subjects that deal with the female reproductive system. While obstetrics deals with pregnancy and its associated procedures and complications, gynaecology involves treating women who are not pregnant. The field of obstetrics thus deals with the well-being of the pregnant mother as well as the delivery and healthy outcome. Obstetricians closely work with paediatricians and neonatologists to deal with the care of the new-born baby to reduce the chances of mortality and disease of the new-born. In this review article, we will discuss the background and history of the development of obstetrics.

Keywords: Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Trimester, New-Born, Birth Complication