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A Study on Consumer’s Preference towards Ca...

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A Study on Consumer’s Preference towards Ca...

A Study on Consumer’s Preference towards Cadbury Chocolates in Nagercoil Town

Author Name : Dr. P. Asha


Today, the company reaches millions of loyal customers through a distribution network of 5.5 lakes outlets across the country and this number is increasing every day. In 1946 the Cadbury’s manufacturing operations started in Mumbai, which was subsequently transferred to Thane. In 1964, Indri farm at Taleban, near Pane was set up with a view to promote modern methods as well as improve milk yield. In 1981-82, a new chocolate manufacturing unit was set up in the same location in Taleban. The company, way back in 1964, pioneered cocoa farming in India to reduce dependence on imported cocoa beans. The parent company provided cocoa seeds and clonally materials free of cost for the first 8 years of operations. Cocoa farming is done in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In 1977, the company also took steps to promote higher production of milk by setting up a subsidiary Indri farms ltd., near Pane.

Keywords: Awareness, Preference of Cadbury Chocolate