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Ancient Review on Ayurvedic Concept of Marma

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Ancient Review on Ayurvedic Concept of Marma

Ancient Review on Ayurvedic Concept of Marma

Author Name : Dr. Darasing Govind Rathod, Dr. Deepali Sheshrao Deshmukh, Dr. Shrikant Haridas Kate


Different authorities of ayurveda mentioned 107 Marma points based on anatomical positions and different structures around them. Marma are seats of Prana (Vital points), they effect physical, mental, social, spiritual and health conditions of human beings. The flow of Prana or vital energy in the body maintains different physiological, mental and spiritual activities. If the flow of Prana or vital energy gets obstructed or blocked, the physiology is disturbed and pathology start developing. Marma points are stimulated by different techniques or methods, so by stimulations, Marma may be directed to remove blockages and stimulate Prana or energy flow thus resulting in a state of healthy body, mind and spirit. MarmaChikitsa is an instant, permanent, natural and non-invasive way of healing in present scenario. Basically, Ayurveda strives to keep the body healthy and prevent illness. Illness is the condition when the body gets tired excessively or weak and this condition affects the normal physiological functions of the body.

Keywords-Marma, Cosmic Energy,Vital Points ,Marma Chikista, Ayurved Concept