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Digital Marketing and Role of Blockchain in D...

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Digital Marketing and Role of Blockchain in D...

Digital Marketing and Role of Blockchain in Digital Marketing Industry

Author Name : Dr. Atul Kumar, Dr. Vinaydeep Brar

ABSTRACT Digital marketing is any form of advertising, which utilizesdigital mediums to offergoods or services to customers. Therefore, the businesses utilizing the internet for the promotions of their products and services, they are engaged in digital marketing. As we know that nowadays, no company can get success without digital marketing. As all of us recognize, the marketing industry is pretty dynamic and liable to change. By its very nature, it has to evolve to new technologies and consumer wishes. And now, we have a large alternate on the horizon that promises to shake up the advertising enterprise from top to bottom, along with several other industries as properly. We’re talking about the Blockchain. The technology has already made a few critical waves within the economic international. This article is an attempt to explain the role and impact of Blockchain in the digital marketing industry.