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Evaluation of Mechanical Behaviour of Frictio...

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Evaluation of Mechanical Behaviour of Frictio...

Evaluation of Mechanical Behaviour of Friction Stir Processing of AA6061

Author Name : Ranjeet Singh Yadav, Mr. Rajesh, Narender Kaushik

ABSTRACT Friction stir processing (FSP) is a variation of friction stir welding (FSW) which is a solid state processing technique. It is one of the best and effective techniques that changes the mechanical properties and microstructure of the material in a single pass of the tool. FSP provides maximum performance at low production cost by using an inexpensive tool and in a very less time. In this technology, a rapidly rotating non-consumable tool having a profiled pin and shoulder of large diameter is plunged into the surface of material and then the tool is moved across the surface. In the present work, friction stir processing is done on the aluminium alloy 6061 under different rotational and translational speeds of the tool. The mechanical properties at rotating speed of 930rpm, 1190rpm and 1480rpm were evaluated and the microstructure of processed zone was analysed by using scanning electron microscope. The results show that the mechanical properties of the FSP zone are improved and the microstructure is significantly refined. Thus the process parameter, rotation speed has a significantly effect on the FSP.