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Human Facial Expression Recognition

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Human Facial Expression Recognition

Human Facial Expression Recognition

Author Name : Ms. Namrata Sabale, Ms. Damini Kautkar, Ms. Prajakta Jamdar, Ms. Prajakta Dawane, Prof. Sonali N. Parab


This paper introduces an accurate and robust facial expression recognition (FER) system.Nowadays, deep learning techniques know a big success in various fields including computer vision. Indeed, a convolutional neural networks (CNN) model can be trained to analyse images and identify face emotion. These Human facial expressions convey a lot of information visually rather than articulately. Facial emotion detection plays a crucial role in the area of human - machine interaction.In this project, we create a system that recognizes person's emotions from their faces. Our system consists of three phases: face detection using Cascades, normalization and emotion recognition using CNN on   FER 2013 Database.Face Detection and Recognition can be used to improve access and security,allow payments to be processed without physical cards.It enable criminal identification and allow personalized healthcare and other services.In this project ,we applied various deep learning methods to identify the human emotions like anger,happy,sad,neutral and surprise etc.

Index Terms:  Facial expressions, stepwise linear discriminant analysis, hidden Markov models, hidden conditional random fields.