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Traumatic Brain Injuries Detection Using MRI ...

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Detection Using MRI ...

Traumatic Brain Injuries Detection Using MRI Brain Image Analysis

Author Name : Harshilkumar Hashmukhbhai Patel, Prof. Tejas Bhatt


In the field of medical image processing, detection of brain micro bleeds from magnetic resonance image (MRI) brain scan has become one of the most active researches. Detection of brain micro bleeds is the main objective of the systems. Detection plays a critical role in biomedical imaging. Brain micro bleeds (BMBs) have emerged as a new imaging biomarker of small vessel diseases and they may play a crucial role in degenerative pathology such as Alzheimer’s disease. Composed of Hemosiderin, BMBs can be efficiently detected with MRI sequences sensitive to magnetic susceptibility (e.g. gradient recalled echo T2 Weighed images).MRI brain images is used to BMBs detection process. This systems includes test the brain image process, image filtering. Skull stripping, segmentation, morphological operations and determination of lesion location. In this system, morphological operations of erosion algorithm are applied to detect lesion. The detailed procedures are implemented using MATLAB. The proposed methods extract the lesion accurately from MRI brain images. The experimental results indicate that the proposed methods efficiently detected the lesion region from the brain images. And then, the equation of the lesion in this system is effectively applied in any shape of the Brain micro bleed lesion.